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ASP.NET is technology used for developing secure web application. Visual Studio is the toolkit that provides the .NET framework for creating ASP.NET applcations. There are many professionals already in the market quipped with this knowledge. Asp.NET is a product of Microsoft Corporation and is a part of .NET framework. Asp.NET is a web development kit for developing secure online web applications. Asp.NET is an object oriented programming approach. this technology will helo in you technically and fundamentally strong in .Net technology along with projects experience in 6 months time Period. Websof Solution wants to ensure every student benefits out of the course. .NET applications are more reliable than any other application. Asp.NET is involves a large number of dynamically tasks as detection of changes, dynamic compilation of files etc. Asp.NET involves less coding. Asp.NET having task based libraries, so it saves developers time that would otherwise involves extra coding while developing the project.

  • What is .Net
  • Why use .Net
  • Advantage of .Net
  • Main component in .Net
  • Clr(Common Language Runtime)
  • .Net Base Class Library
  • What is Jit Compiler
  • Type of Jit Compiler
  • D.N.A. Architecture
  • One-N Tier
  • Normal
  • CLR Architecture and Services
  • The .Net Intermediate Language (IL)
  • Just- In- Time Compilation and CLS
  • Disassembling .Net Application to IL
  • Strict Type Checking
  • Introductions of oops
  • Advantage of oops
  • Feature of oops
  • Class & Object
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance & type of Inheritance
  • Type of Polymorphism
  • Type of Constructor
  • Default Constructor
  • Parameterized Constructor
  • Static Constructor
  • Copy Constructor
  • Type of Class & Method
  • Abstract Class & Abstract Method
  • Static Class & Static Method
  • The Memory Allocation with New Keyword
  • Partial Class & Partial Method
  • What is Interface
  • Invoking Property and Methods
  • Collection
  • Array List
  • Hash Table
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Generic Collection
  • List<>
  • Dictionary<>
  • Stack<>
  • Queue<>
  • Event & Delegate
  • Auto Implemented Property
  • Object Initializer
  • Collection Initializer
  • Anonymous Type
  • Lamda Expression
  • Create Statement
  • Create Database
  • Create Table
  • Select Statement
  • Delete
  • Update
  • Alter Command
  • Drop Statement
  • Database object
  • View
  • Stored Procedure
  • Trigger
  • Difference between Ado & Ado .Net
  • Architecture of Ado.Net
  • Connected Architecture
  • DisConnected Architecture
  • Main component of Ado .Net
  • Data Provider
  • Data Set
  • Clases of data Provider
  • Connection
  • Command
  • Data Adapter
  • Data Reader
  • Working with Command Builder
  • Normal
  • Normal
  • What is Asp.Net
  • Server Pages Using Asp.Net
  • Creating Server Page
  • Page Life Cycle
  • Event Handling in Asp.net
  • Need of State Management
  • Type of State Management
  • Client Side
  • Server Side
  • Server Controls in Asp.Ne
  • Validation Controls
  • Data Bind Controls
  • Master page & CSS
  • Understand The Security Concept
  • Type of Security
  • Built in Modules
  • Create Own ModuleWhat is Mvc
  • Understand Design Pattern
  • Request Life Cycle in Mvc
  • What is Model,View and Controller
  • Data Annotation in Mvc
  • Html Helper
  • Introduction To WCF
  • What is distributed application
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • EndPoints in WCF
  • Developing WCF Service Application
  • Hosting WCF Services in IIS/Asp.net Development Server
  • Hosting WCF in Manage application(Self Hosting)
  • Use of WCF services with Entity FrameWork
  • How to call WCF Service in MVC.
  • Normal
  • Getting Started With Web Api
  • Writing an Api Controller
  • Incoming Action Parameters
  • Configuring Web Api
  • Binding Parameters
  • Filtering Request
Websof Solutionin India, Web Design Meerut, SEO Meerut, Online Selling,Website Designing